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Partial to Home: On Magowah Creek

Posted 12/15/2018 in Local Columns

Shortly after passing Bob Roberts Barbecue and Burkhalter Rigging, the motorist heading south on Highway 45 crosses three streams, Motley Slough, Gilmer Creek and Magowah Creek.


Partial to Home: A day in the woods

Posted 12/1/2018 in Local Columns

To say you spent a day in the woods with a woodcutter sounds like the opening lines of a folk tale.


Partial to Home: Resisting the cell phone's Siren call

Posted 11/17/2018 in Local Columns

The other day I was in Office Depot getting some river maps laminated. The Army Corps of Engineers has wonderful navigation maps available online of the Tenn-Tom and the Mississippi, two rivers I've been exploring in a kayak.


Partial to Home: Spreading the gospel of chess

Posted 11/4/2018 in Local Columns

Isaac Miller wakes up thinking about different things than most of us. To wit: Friday morning he woke replaying in his mind a game of chess he played the night before with his brother.


Partial to Home: Nothing sheepish about these Algomians

Posted 10/21/2018 in Local Columns

Thursday lunch, Algoma Store. Five of us are sitting at a round table with a vinyl, checked tablecloth. Mike and Clyde are eating bologna-and-cheese sandwiches on white bread. Johnny is having chicken-fried steak with white gravy and Don and I are having chicken wings, he with fried onion rings, me potato logs.


Partial to Home: Funeral food and funeral flowers

Posted 10/13/2018 in Local Columns

Saturday, a week ago, on the way home from a graveside service at Friendship, I drove through Trash Alley where a garage sale and fish fry were in progress. Thinking some levity might be a nice follow-up to what had been a solemn event, I rolled the window down and asked what was cooking. Fish and chicken.


Partial to Home: Remembering Bob

Posted 10/7/2018 in Local Columns

The characteristic that probably best defined Bob McIntyre was his willingness to help others. Plenty of other adjectives apply: He was smart, kind, curious and very funny. People loved him. The goodness in him was plain to see.


Partial to Home: A fruitless search

Posted 10/2/2018 in Local Columns

HONEOYE, NEW YORK -- This time of the year the roadways of rural New York are littered with apples. You see them everywhere. Trees heavy with fruit line hillside orchards; a dozen unkempt trees stand in high grass beside a sagging farmhouse; a single gnarled tree in a hedgerow stands forgotten, its meager crop equally gnarly and forgotten, unnoticed except for the birds and worms.


Partial to Home: The ever-evolving South

Posted 9/15/2018 in Local Columns

Partial to Home: Pied piper with a harmonica

Posted 8/25/2018 in Local Columns

Someone was playing a harmonica in Kroger the other day. I was punching in my customer number at the auto-checkout when the music started.


Partial to Home: A single photograph, a glut of memories

Posted 8/18/2018 in Local Columns

Rufus Ward called one day last week about a picture of Bob's Place, the now-mythical drive-in that was the high-school hangout for generations of Columbus teenagers.


Partial to Home: Cultural exchange

Posted 8/11/2018 in Local Columns

KREIENSEN, GERMANY - My friend Axel and I were standing at Track 2 one day last week waiting for the 7:33 a.m. train to Hannover when he shouted greetings to someone across the way. "He's an Elvis impersonator," Axel said. "He's quite good."


Partial to Home: Avalon, my hometown

Posted 7/14/2018 in Local Columns

Sometime in the mid-1970s, I got in my car and drove to Avalon, Mississippi. While I was by no means a blues aficionado, I loved Mississippi John Hurt's music, and Avalon was his hometown.


Partial to Home: Star struck

Posted 7/7/2018 in Local Columns

Saturday we were having lunch in a small, overcrowded barbecue joint in Avondale, a revived neighborhood northeast of downtown Birmingham. One of the two young women waiting in line to order in front of us turned to Beth, who was pondering her choices out loud.


Partial to Home: A son returns to his musical roots

Posted 6/30/2018 in Local Columns

It was too much to get into a single photograph, the scene in front of us.


Partial to Home: Sounds of summer

Posted 6/23/2018 in Local Columns

Sitting astride his bicycle, his foot on the curb, a man with a small dog was having a conversation with an unseen person on the other side of the street. Though they were a block away, the cyclist's voice reverberated down the street blending with the chorus of katydids, cicadas and crickets.


Partial to Home: A turtle swimming across the river

Posted 6/16/2018 in Local Columns

Turtle has just one plan at a time, and every cell buys into it. -- Ted Kooser, poet It's not often you see a box turtle swimming across a river. At first glance, it appeared to be a snake engorged with prey it had just swallowed. When I pulled close and realized what it was, I turned the boat to watch.


Partial to Home: The irrepressible Mr. Harris

Posted 6/9/2018 in Local Columns

Call someone obsessive, and you run the risk of sounding critical. Yet, I meant it as the highest compliment for the late Gill Harris, the beloved engineer, musician, raconteur, gourmand, father and husband.


Partial to Home: A country funeral

Posted 5/19/2018 in Local Columns

We are standing in the graveyard of a country church talking in hushed voices, about 60 of us. Hollywood could not have come up with a more beautiful setting for a funeral.


Partial to Home: Irrepressible gardeners

Posted 5/12/2018 in Local Columns

I was almost to the church that lost its steeple to the tornado, when the rooster started crowing. It sounded like he was a block away, somewhere on Third Avenue South. I was driving down College Street, windows down, headed to Mark Stokes' to have the pick-up's brakes checked.



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