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Mona Charen: Gillette is not wrong

Posted 1/17/2019 in National Columns

Is the new Gillette razor ad a radical feminist attack on masculinity -- the commercial embodiment of a woke sensibility? I was prepared to think so. But having watched it twice, I find a lot to like.



Our View: Online commenters signal the End Times?

Posted 1/16/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

Each week, between 40,000 and 50,000 folks turn to The Dispatch's website to read the news. One feature offered online that is not available in the print edition is the ability to leave anonymous comments below each story.



Leonard Pitts: Some find it all too easy to denigrate women

Posted 1/16/2019 in National Columns

This is a column about some black people. Not all, thank goodness. Not even most.


Slimantics: The Founding Fathers had it right: newspapers are essential

Posted 1/15/2019 in Local Columns

This is going to sound a bit self-serving, I realize, but newspapers -- no matter the platform -- are essential to nation's welfare, something our Founding Fathers realized from the start.


Froma Harrop: Are we truly one paycheck from disaster?

Posted 1/15/2019 in National Columns

The partial government shutdown has forced some federal workers to move money around to pay for food and rent. No surprise there. What's shocking is the many who don't have the money to move.


Possumhaw: Pick something you could be good at

Posted 1/14/2019 in Local Columns

Few things are so calming as sitting in a sun lit room with two cats tightly curled into a ball by your side.


Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett



Marc Dion: Tacos and Trump

Posted 1/14/2019 in National Columns

As Pres. Donald J. Trump prepared to deliver an address to the nation this last week, I thought about snacks.


Partial to Home: On tour with swamp rocker Tony Joe White

Posted 1/12/2019 in Local Columns

At the head of a column two weeks ago about a walk in the rain along Moore's Creek, I quoted the opening lines from "A Rainy Night in Georgia," and attributed the tune to Brook Benton, who in 1970 took it to the top of the Billboard charts.


Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar



Voice of the people: Nora Miller


Ask Rufus: A Fire, Post Roads and a Bicentennial

Posted 1/12/2019 in Local Columns

There remains a lot of confusion over when the Columbus Bicentennial should be celebrated. To that we can add, 'Which Columbus is which?'


Our View: Relying on long-established standardized tests could free teachers to do what they're best at: teaching

Posted 1/11/2019 in Dispatch Editorials

As has been noted, this year's session of the Legislature isn't likely to take up many controversial topics. For legislators, it's a matter of self-preservation during an election year.



Jiben Roy: Impact of shutdown on ordinary people

Posted 1/11/2019 in Local Columns

So many things happen in the world every moment, it is hard to track unless you are affected by them. I heard of "government shutdown" for the last several decades but never thought seriously what it meant.



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