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We hope this partnership has a pulse

Posted 9/29/2010 in Dispatch Editorials

Franklin Academy was awhirl with activity Tuesday morning -- literally. The University of Mississippi Medical Center's MedEvac helicopter landed in the Magnolia Bowl, a strong symbol of the landing of a partnership between the Jackson medical center and the Columbus elementary school.



Welcome, autumn

Posted 9/28/2010 in Dispatch Editorials

It actually felt chilly Monday morning. Fall is here, and we couldn't be more ready.


Birney Imes: Tornadoes vs. Yellowjackets

Posted 9/25/2010 in Local Columns

"What do you know about taking pictures at football games?" Daughter Tanner, who was filling in for Dispatch shooter Kelly Tippett last week, had drawn Friday night assignments in Pickens County and New Hope.


Serving like apostles

On Sunday, Sept. 19th, Columbus Lowndes Habitat for Humanity had the opportunity to dedicate our 36th home built to the Lang family. This family lost everything in a fire in January.


Roses and Thorns 9-26-10

Posted 9/25/2010 in Roses & Thorns

A rose to the city of Columbus, Lowndes County, and the Columbus Lowndes Recreation Authority for the open, public process if has gone through to get public input on the soccer complex and park planned for Burns Bottom.


Editorial: Economic tide rolling in to downtown

Posted 9/23/2010 in Dispatch Editorials

Economic tides seem to ebb and flow in downtown Columbus, as they do most places. Businesses come and go. Stores and restaurants open, then go dark, and are replaced with something new.



Editorial: Ground-level policing

Posted 9/22/2010 in Dispatch Editorials

Columbus has fielded its first two pedaling patrolmen, who will be policing high-crime areas on mountain bikes. Patrolmen Kenneth Brewer and Dwight Smith are on bikes part-time until they complete their training, which will enable them to train other officers.



Letter: 'Fair tax is possible'

Over the past week, many readers and writers have weighed in about the now infamous anonymous contribution in an ad ran by the campaign of Travis Childers. Was this a mistake? Yes. Was this the first or last time this will happen in politics? No. What has happened is a great opportunity to discuss the merits of a "fair tax" has started to slip away.



Editorial: An abundance of caring amid tragedy

Posted 9/21/2010 in Dispatch Editorials

A local high school student's death in a tragic hunting accident has brought out the best in many of those who knew him -- and many who didn't.



Letter: Thank you, responders



Takes issue with anonymous comments

As a rule I am anything but valiant. However, when writing an opinion to the newspaper, it is a point of honor to put on my big-girl pants and sign my name.



Supports Nunnelee

Travis Childers, our Congressman from the 1st District, says in his TV ad, "I've done what I said I'd do."


Birney Imes: Back roads and small towns

Posted 9/18/2010 in Local Columns

At the beginning of a workshop on small newspapers last week, everyone was asked to stand, introduce themselves, say where they were born, where they are now and what would be the job of their dreams, if not newspapering.

Roses and thorns 9-19-10

Posted 9/18/2010 in Roses & Thorns

Spencer Perkins; local teachers; Columbus City Council; and U.S. Rep. Travis Childers


Childers' unfair attribution

Posted 9/17/2010 in Dispatch Editorials

One of the joys of the newspaper business is we're inundated with spam e-mail on a daily basis -- and during a heated election season, much of it is political.


Garthia Elena Burnett: Where is Kaila Morris? A year later, still a mystery

Posted 9/17/2010 in Local Columns

A year ago, Kaila Morris' room was adorned with clouds and carousels and all things girly. Two weeks later, as Kaila's family talked to the media about her disappearance, her room remained just as she left it.


A need for more compassion

I read with interest the comments made by District Attorney Forrest Allgood regarding the testimony given by Jim Kitchens at the sentencing hearing of Quintez Hodges. I know nothing about the case of Quintez Hodges. According to what I have read in the paper, Quintez Hodges is most likely a dangerous man, and he deserves punishment for his crimes.



DA takes issue with online comments

I have been appalled by the number of reckless comments that have been attached to the story about Quintez Hodges' appeal. Some comments border on the hysterical. Some may have been uttered in ignorance. I suspect that more than a few were the product of malice. The comments call for an immediate response.



Remembering POWs and MIAs

As we pause today in honor of POW/MIA Remembrance Day, I would like to focus your thoughts on this ostentatious gathering.



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